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Pierian Press extends website hosting and website templates to agencies, organizations, and societies that support positive public interests and provide needed, quality services. Similarly, Pierian Press provides campaign website services for issues, causes, and candidates that do not advocate hate or promote division in American society. These websites have been developed to support "good" causes; and Pierian Press reserves the right to reject hosting and/or discontinue hosting any sites that violate the spirit of this intent.

Pierian Press Web Services provides high quality websites for agencies, organizations, societies, and campaigns that are on tight budgets, but that need quality websites in order to fulfill their objectives. Pierian Press websites are easy for persons to use, and equally easy to maintain -- yourself. Furthermore, Pierian Press websites are optimized for search engine ranking. Despite all these features, they also are inexpensive.

Direct Management of Your Own Website

By managing your site directly, you have control over it. You can add, edit, or remove selected content without waiting for someone else to do it for you -- or incurring any costs for related services. Direct control generally results in a better site, because you can fix even minor problems the moment they are discovered. And you can add more content because you can do it yourself. Also, because Pierain Press sites are efficient to manage, you have more time to devote to developing a quality website.

To make management of your site easy, Pierian Press websites incorporate easy-to-use, advanced content-management features.

Accessible Websites

If you want people to find your site when searching the Web for services in or information on your geographic area, your site needs both to be properly designed and to feature appropriate content.

Also, once a person reaches your website, it should be "inviting" and easy for them to use.

Pierian Press websites facilitate indexing by search engines such as Google. Also, METAs are incorporated for search engines that employ this information. METAs can be added to any document or section, and/or be attached to the site as a whole. Advanced content management tools make it easy for you to add and edit this information directly.

Furthermore, the design of Pierian Press websites is optimized for intuitive use -- regardless of how much content you have loaded.

Communities of Interest

Pierian Press features websites that are used by many similar organizations, agencies, and societies. For example, the website designed and optimized for local historical societies is used by multiple societies, all of which are integrated into a super-site -- where the accessible content from all sites is greater than the sum of the whole. Nevertheless, each society retains its own identity, and focuses on its local constituency, projects, and priorities. This is accomplished by advanced integration features and "common" design elements, which are integral to each website.

Similarly, these same integration technologies and features can be used to create communities of service agencies in a specific geographic area.

Affordable Websites

Pierian Press websites not only are designed to facilitate direct management of your website, but advanced functionality makes this efficient and easy to accomplish. This provides constant savings over time, and lets you concentrate on additional quality content, rather than waste time on an inefficient website.

Despite the advanced features of Pierian Press websites, they are very inexpensive to setup and to maintain over time. Please see Website/Hosting Costs for details.

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